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Jamé Roll Form Products, Inc.
2401 N. 25th Ave., Franklin Park, IL 60131, USA
Tel. 847.455.0496 | Fax. 847.455.6381

To more quickly and effectively serve you, below is contact information for our key roll form employees. We appreciate your interest and patronage. You'll receive the utmost professionalism and dedication from our entire team. After all, your shape is our role!

Name Dept. Tel. Ext. E-mail
Laurance Martin III Sales 643 lmartin@jamerollform.com
Jim Clark Sales 639 jclark@jamerollform.com
Sheffield Wolk Sales 627 sheffield103@aol.com
Lorena Diaz Shipping 617 lramirez@jamerollform.com
Cesar Esparza Shipping 626 cesparza@jamerollform.com
Milton Sanchez Customer Svc. 618 msanchez@jamerollform.com
Dave Cutforth Engineering 635 dcutforth@jamerollform.com
Bill Spencer Quality 621 bspencer@jamerollform.com
Chris Zlotnicki Quality 622 czlotnicki@jamerollform.com
Lynn Pikrone Accounting 619 lpikrone@jamerollform.com
Otto Ruiz Customer Svc 633 oruiz@jamerollform.com
Victoria McCrum Customer Svc 637 vmccrum@jamerollform.com